Student Programs Regarding Health and Relationships

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Middle school programming components include:

Importance of "Guarding Your Heart"

Guidelines for Healthy, Successful Relationships

Peer Pressure and Its Influence

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) Interactive Presentation*

Importance of Goal Setting

Consequences to Sexual Activity - Physical & Emotional

Media Alerts

High school programming components include:

Components of Healthy Relationships

Safeguards to Protect Oneself from Unhealthy Relationships

Relationship Attachment Model Program

Pregnancy and Fetal Development

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) Interactive Presentation

Outcomes for Students:

  • Creates positive peer pressure
  • Places sexual intimacy after marriage
  • Strengthens character
  • Builds strong relationships
  • Promotes self respect
  • Teaches self control
  • Reduces risk behavior which results in fewer teen pregnancies, abortions, and STI's
  • Encourages testing for STI's if they are sexually active
  • Establish goals, values, and safeguards for themselves and future relationships
  • Improves parent-teen relationships*

*Parent seminars and workshops are available to aid parents on various ways to effectively communicate the importance of healthy sexuality with their adolescents. A lending library is available from Crossroads to aid individuals with information.

School/Community Responses:

"Thank you for your updates and obvious concern for the health of our students. Your programs have added such quality, clarity, and relevancy to our sexuality education programs. Thank you."

-- Chair of Health Advisory Board

"The professionalism and education of the speakers is always apparent, no matter who comes to talk at each school. We are always impressed with how they field questions and involve the students throughout the lesson."

-- Local middle school health teacher

"I think the speaker is really good and the presentations were not boring and it was very educational and worthwhile to hear about this. It makes me think about something that seems so simple!"

-- High school senior after STI presentation

"This was a great presentation! I learned a lot of useful information that I didn't know anything about."

-- High school sophomore after STI and Pregnancy presentation

"The information helped me to decide to make better choices about sex."

-- High school freshman


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